Be Careful What Your Kids Watch!

I always find it amazing when a “so called” expert on children tries to tell people how to raise their kids. I especially find it amazing when the expert doesn’t have any children of their own. Better yet, Vintage Omega I find it amazing when the expert now has children who are adults and for some strange reason believe that their parenting techniques in the past were perfect and infallible. One would think that they could write the “book of all books” on raising children.

Well, YTMP3 I know better! I know not to blindly listen to the advice of those that aren’t going through what I am going through at this moment in time. I can think for myself…especially when it comes to what my kids watch. I mean, when I was growing up, I watched all sorts of things without a single problem or ill effect. If anything, I was benefited by watching whatever I wanted.

Take for example the time I experimented with electricity. After watching a Frankenstein movie, Youtube to MP3 I got the bright idea to bring a dead fly back to life. So, I cut off the plug to a lamp that my parents no longer used; stripped off the protective coating of the wire; plug it into the electrical outlet in the wall; and proceeded to touch the fly with the exposed wires. Guess what? Nothing happened. I figured that something must be wrong with the fly; therefore, I touched the wires together. Once touched together, the wires sparked, hogar I heard a very loud “POP”, and all the lights throughout the entire house suddenly went out!

After the lights went out, wyklady everything was a little foggy. All I can remember was my father yelling from the upstairs of the house and bounding down the stairs toward my direction. But what’s important is that I learned a great deal about electricity which I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Another example of how wrong the experts are is my love for Super Heroes. As a child, after watching my then favorite Hero (i.e. Superman), publicawareness I decided it was time for me to show the whole world my special abilities. Of course, I was not stupid enough to believe that I could stop speeding bullets or jump over buildings in a single bound. However, I was smart enough to realize that, like an airplane, with enough speed I could fly.

So, I walked as far back as I could in the hallway of my house and started running at a blinding speed. Prior to running out of hallway, I launched myself into the air. And, guess what? I was right! I did fly just like Superman!!! Unfortunately, on my downward approach back to the floor, onlineearns my head hit the side of a coffee table. It turned out the table was harder than my head. Well, that’s at least what the doctor said. But what’s more important is that I learned two things.

One – Always make sure that coffee tables are nowhere near your Superman Hallway Takeoff and Landing path.

Two – Run faster than the fastest person you know or run as fast as my father did when he ran to the emergency room with his bloody son (i.e. Me.)

So, you see… The experts don’t know everything. Kids can learn a lot from being able to watch whatever it is that they want.



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