Nappy Accessories – 3 Key Extras For Your Modern Cloth Nappy Stash

Cloth Nappy Accessories – what is going to make your cloth nappying easier, faster and more efficient?

Nappy Liners are the most popular of the nappy accessories many mums consider essential for their stash of modern nappies. Did you know there are several other items that are also helpful and save you time, money and are more efficient? In this article my goal is to BioBoosters introduce several of these nappy accessories to you. You’ll find that these popular aids to using modern cloth nappies will make them even more environmentally friendly, and easier, to use.

Let’s look at 3 of the ‘extra’s’ that you might consider to make your nappy use even more eco-friendly:

1. Really Reusable Cloth Wipes

Perhaps the easiest way on Earth to ease into using washable cloth, skolioza reusable wipes can be made of any sort of fabric that has evough softness and ‘grabbing’ to clean up and wipe down your baby’s bottom when it gets messy inside or outside of a nappy. You can make or buy reusable wipes that can be used for baby’s bottom, face or other baby spills. Using a different colour for baby’s face or hands is the way you’ll keep them sorted hygenically.Bought wipes can be of the softest bamboo or two sided for grabbing strength and wiping softness. You can get wipes colour coordinated with your nappies or wipes made of bamboo velour – once you try that…. mekafa

2. Nappy Liners and Boosters

Nappy liners are useful to help you get the poo off the nappy – you can have washable ones made from hydrophobic polar fleece – just shake any solid contents into the toilet, or favour flushable, Miami Furniture Outlet Store Nearby Me bio degradable liners that you simply chuck into the toilet, contents and all! Silk liners are favoured by families with babies who have very sensitive skin – as silk is very natural and soft next to the skin.Boosters allow you to increase the absorbency of any of your nappies very easily – just add in an extra soaker where you need it (eg at the front for boys and tummy sleepers), or when you need it (eg at nights.) Liners for instance will help flick poo into the loo from a disposable nappy – which is something that everyone should be doing to reduce the risk of untreated sewerage contaminating groundwater from landfill sites around our countries.

3. A Nifty Nappy Sprayer

These accessories attach to the water pipe of the toilet and have a trigger so you can blast poo into the loo with ease. Lots of cloth nappy families swear by them! thewhippetcoats

With these three ideas you’ll know if any of these accessories are something you will need. They can make your nappy changing more swift and managing nappies more efficient and tidy.

You’ll know you are giving your baby a more sustainable future by using washable, reusable modern cloth nappies. Every baby should have at least one ‘green’ nappy in their wardrobe- an easy step. Just one. make money online


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