Central Vacuum Installation Is Possible in Small Spaces

There is no doubt that a central vacuum system is the cleanest, most convenient way to vacuum your home and improve indoor air quality. However, techcentral often people give up before they even start because they believe an install is impossible in their existing home. This is usually not true. Consider the true story of John Q. Do-It-Yourselfer.(Some of the names have been changed to protect the handy)

John Q, Korean Skincare talented handyman. was completing the installation of an intercom system in his own home. While picking up parts he needed from a local supplier, he inquired about other projects he could take on, like any respectable do-it-yourselfer would. In particular, John was wondering if he could install a central vacuum system in a home with a flat roof and only enough room to lower a mere 12-18 inches of tube at a time? He really wanted to install a central vacuum system and was willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get the job done. Luckily for John, he spoke with Brad Prince, a seasoned expert, diving who assured him this could be accomplished with a little ingenuity and more than a little sweat.

Brad had been on many central vacuum system installs that put him in the same situation John was facing. He recalled jobs where his co-worker, arowana for sale Gary Lamb, had been in spaces so tight it seemed humanly impossible to fit, but he did, earning him the coveted title of “attic rat”. Being willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done is necessary in the central vacuum installation business, and now this attitude was going to help John Q. Do-It-Yourselfer get his job done, too!

Brad shared with John Q. his proven method for tight central vacuum installations. Professional moving services


  1. You must adjust your position to be able reach the location with the tools and materials.
  2. Drill a 2-9/16″ hole, buy research chemical best done with a “Plumbers Kit” right angle drill motor.
  3. At the first piece of tube, tuck 4-6″ of 2 conductor wire into the tube end. Two inches past that, wrap wire against the tube with a cable tie. At the top of the tube, in front of the stop coupler, place another cable tie. This will hold the tube in a position that will enable you to pull it back up through the hole if the tube and coupler fall past the hole opening. (This infuriating situation can be a real setback if the above technique is not followed.) famous
  4. Once the length of tubing and wire are lowered to the inlet opening, the connection to the mounting bracket and faceplate can be made. Having an extra person to assist you in this task will speed the process.


With this priceless information in hand, AI MASA GAME John Q. Do-It-Yourselfer left the store that day equipped to install the central vacuum system he has always dreamed of. If you plan a central vacuum installation in a tight space you might want to consider getting in shape and doing some stretches first! Then, and probably most importantly, look for an online company that offers free technical advice. With patience, good online instructions, quality products, and great experts to offer you tech support, even if your space is tight, you can install a central vacuum system in your home. vybecandy


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