An Iraq Inquiry Report Apportions Blame on Leaders

The parents of British service men and women killed or injured as a result of the war in Iraq have won a legal inquiry launched to assess its legitimacy. It found that the Prime Minister of Great Britain at that time, Tony Blair, was persuaded by the President of the United States, whybitcoinprice George W Bush, at least a month before the war started that it was the right thing to do. This was based on the premise that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and was a threat to the West.

In Australia there was general unrest and the public made it clear that such a war was not in our interests but the dye was cast. Bush had vybecandy already talked up the need for an invasion with our Prime Minister, John Howard, along the same lines. It caused outrage in some quarters and people put lit candles in their windows in protest.

Generally, it was seen as another Vietnam in which there could be no winners, but a consensus of opinion was that an awful lot of innocent people would die. The country was not a threat to Australia and we have a lot of Iraqi born people in the country who came as migrants. The flood bombreport of opinion against it was overridden by a government determined to stand with the USA on yet another hopeless battle-ground.

After 9/11 it was inexcusable that Bush turned on Iraq which had nothing to do with the destruction of the Twin Towers or the other damage sustained by the terrorist hijackers. While he nominated Osama Bin Laden as the instigator and planner of the attack, and his whereabouts was Afghanistan, he pointed his guns at Iraq and few could understand why?

The hell that descended on the people of Iraq lives on in the memory of all who witnessed it on the media. Thousands of bombs exploded over homes and businesses as people died or were maimed. Although the forces claimed otherwise the civilian death toll mounted as men, ufa168live women, and children were slaughtered.

The case was made out against Sadam Hussein, the President of Iraq, and he paid the ultimate price of being hanged for his so-called terrorism. Tanks rolled into the streets of Baghdad and other cities as services were cut, the infrastructure was destroyed, and businesses ceased to exist. Statues of Hussein were cut down as if they were to blame for what happened to the USA.

Out of the mess grew Isil, chronicleshub which is now a severe threat to the world. What the leaders who set up the invasion never contemplated was an Iraq afterwards. Certainly American troops hung around and tried to patch things up but they could never bring back the dead.


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